Heart Beats

She didn’t know what

She was describing

Was it the feeling of being

Sexually aroused, due to the

Major efforts made by the

Party currently busy playing

With her hair tendrils

While she gazed at his face

As if it was the eighth wonder of this world

Or was she trying to describe

That this was something beyond

The feeling of just the silent tremors

Which arise in one’s body

Due to it being overcharged

With excitement of those exotic moments

All she could think

Along the straight line

Without getting hazy in her thoughts again

Was that she felt amazingly content then

She was not panting now

Nor was he ; there heartbeats

Were calm by now

They were beating in sync

It was music to her ears

The silent yet so loud

Thumping of unified beats 

It was an allurement in itself 

Along with the fact that

His breath was fanning against 

Her tender neck while he spoke 

About how he wants to know 

What she wanted in her life next
She couldn’t forget 

How that question had made her heart 

Leap out with joy

Seeing the gentle concern and confidence for her

In his eyes

While lost in her thoughts

She still wasn’t unaware

Of his always wandering hands

Currently giving her a head massage

Of his own nescient kind

Which made her feel like a princess in disguise 


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    1. Thank you so much 😊


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