Your Missing Piece 

I want to hug you leisurely 
When you hug me back
Without thinking about what others will think
Without thinking about how I might stink
Without thinking how your past fears might come back
Without thinking about how you are overthininking such a small thing
Without blaming yourself for behaving weird or being any less in my eyes because of that
I just want you to Not think
When I rush forward towards you
Like a person in a desert
Who has found its oasis
Although I had just met you yesterday 
No, don’t think about how silly I am being right now ; And focus
On how I want your body to not tense up when I charge myself 
In your arms like a red bull
Pick you up in my arms
Twirl you around,  maybe

Like you are my long lost girlfriend 

I just want you to lay back

And accept my warmness

I want you to accept my comfort someday 
And come out of your shell
Even if just for a while 
But come out of it fully for once 
Not out of duty or pity
Not today or tomorrow even
If you are not ready then
But I hope you do come out once and see
Even if not with me ; See! 
See how magic surrounds the air
When you get fixed in someone’s soul
Like a piece of their missing puzzle game
See, how the soul which you say
Is filled with cold
Is blinding the surroundings with
Its warm orange glow 
Acting as a protective shield still
But this time not just for you 
But your missing piece as well


7 Comments Add yours

      1. Akanksha says:

        Me 2? Seriously? You know that’s not what I want to listen to 😒


        1. Lb ju 2 bccha… Ab khush?


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