Belt That Adorned Me

The belt which adorned me
Made me look
Like the classy and sophisticated me
Just about yesterday
Now adorns my soul
Now adorns my back
First through its fear
The other through the red welts
Covered in bandage

Today I wear the purest white colored belt
I could find in my wardrobe as
Today it marks how
Even after breaking my back
Breaking me, quite literally might I add
It still is holding me
And my loose folds
If I so desire to use it  for the purpose 

Giving me an opportunity 
To show myself 
That I define me
My belt defines what I want 
It does not and will not

Ever define what the person 
Who lashed out on me
With it, thought of me
Or made me feel in that moment
Weak? I am, only if
I let myself be
Fearful of everything 
That lead me to that 
Dungeon like place
Where the monsters had me chained

But strong, I am 

If I chose to use
The same chains which tied me
To climb those walls
Of uncertainty and keep
Putting in efforts
Till I reach the window
Of opportunities which were
Earlier taken from me stealthily. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. phillister says:

    Very emotionally charged and sad but empowering

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your responses. They are literally making my day…


    2. Thank you for your response. And yeah it is, I hope that’s the case for women out there as well.


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