Broken Verses

Sometimes peace comes

In broken verses

Unstable yet rhyming

Always at unexpected timings

Yet I see no one saying no

To receiving it;

With wide open arms

Instead, we all do anticipate it

We don’t care

If it is imperfect sometimes

It is what it is nonetheless

It offers us what we crave so direly


But if the same is applied to

Anything else in this world

We turn into the

Worst cynical critics anyone can know

Anything with even a small

Rugged edge is

Not even worth our consideration

Which tells us all

How we are all nothing

But a bunch of hypocrites

Who find no wrong to become 

A joker if it serves our selfish  purpose

But if the same is done

By the person who is

In our eyes below our standards

Who actually needs

To do it to survive

Then we see them

As nothing but dirt. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. phillister says:

    Harsh but very true how we humans thrive

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yuppp, even if it differs in proportion for different people . We are a part of this category, at one point of time or another.


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