Scars Never Fade 

    • Whats that on your arm? 
    • Why do you have these cuts? 
    •   I can never do that to my own body.  Didn’t you feel pain? 
    • Why did you have depression?
    • You are fine now right? You don’t do it anymore? 
    • You should wear long long sleeves. You don’t want people to ask questions or do you? 
    • I could have never guessed you to be sad. What made you do it? Did you not care for others? 
    • Were you insane?  Only insane people do such idiotic deeds. 
    • What were you thinking? Or were you not thinking at all? 
    • Were you really that selfish? 
    • Poor you. Tell me all about it. You did it for a guy right?
    • You should not partake in such childish nonsense to gain attention. 
    • Did your own blood not scare  you? 
    • Why did they not fade away? 
    • Why are there so many? You surely knew people will notice, didn’t you? Then why did you hurt yourself? 

    “Questions don’t die
    Marks never shy
    Souls are re-dug
    Coffins never reinterred”

    So lets stop asking the obvious. 

    Be someone’s silent companion

    Listen to their untold  stories.


    6 Comments Add yours

      1. It is less of sad and more of tiresome, the continuous state of being doubtful about which question will today bring and how you will have to act nonchalant to such questions, again.


        1. phillister says:

          Send to email if you wish


          1. I think that would be better coz what i have started writing ahaan ahaan is definitely not most worthy…
            Wts ur mail?


            1. phillister says:

              On all my poems at the end, look forward to reading your poem


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