Closure Or Just Another Nightmare 

Is it the closure I need
Or is another nightmare 
At brim

Should I go to the window 
Lock the bolts
Shut the never ending shutters
Or maybe I should give up
Let the tremors take over
Convulsions wreck me
Lull me back to bed

She went stumbling, mumbling 
From one hill top in the field 
To another 
Sense of direction lost to her
Sight locked with the departing sun

No flower petals were enough 
Which she could pluck
To know what it was
The breeze of new beginnings
Or was it 
The carrier of sand 
Over the grave of the old her
Either way she didn’t flee
She was there 
Had always been 
When he had wanted her to be
The glass which was camouflaged 
With the dirty cloth
Containing her blood stains
Was now shining in the dim light
Reflection of a history unknown to many
Left behind
Still smog surrounds their frame
For the tale to re-live
She needed him to prove her wrong and finally stick along … 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana says:

    You have the heart of a poet Nancy. I’m feeling what you say 😌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heart of poet or a poet with barely there heart, love. Does it make a difference?
      Life is meant to go on.
      Some drink their feelings in silence and some decorate it paper to let it all go…


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