Tribute To My Friend 

Immortality is a myth they say
Let me the magic wand for you then
Let my pen trace this paper today
Sing praises of you
Since you were sent as a blessing to this world today

I call thee great
Greater than the great Ozymandius 
For he was who was vein
It’s you and your generosity 
Which would help you to forever rein
For the kingdom lies its power 
In the feet of those
Who have no greed, no need for it
It strives to grow
And bestow the chosen ones
With hearts of gold

You my friend 
Make people around believe in
Morality which had long since gone

The pen between your clutches
The glasses which see what is unseen

The smile that loves to play hide and seek. 

The world of the Bygone 
The songs, the themes, the dreams
Your dreams.

The bonds you make
The respect your aura takes
A feminist of sorts
Who is afraid of anything related to him
Labeled as feminine. 

A nomad trying to find
The land where 
His unstable flight could land. 

A force behind your friends life force 
The constant beep of their heart monitors
Which is irritating to no end…. Sometimes 
But still is all the assurance of normalcy they need

You are the one
Who is tornado of emotions 
Left raw on your sheets
Let the ink never dry
The limit to you is anything but sky

Never fear the onlookers on earth
You are the rays of moonlight 
The peace that surrounds
Only stars are your worthy praiser’s….
P. S. – Happy birthday once again. I hope years from now when you have become a well established writer, your eyes fall upon this post and make you remember of our college days, all friends. And how we believed in your talent then and would always. 

Wish you all the happiness of this world…. 


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  1. Wow, aside from the curious modernisms that reads like an old fashioned ode.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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