Tukda-Tukda, Bits & Pieces 

Bits and pieces
Everyone took and left. 
Straws and raws bereft
Took the bird to make its nest. 


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  1. anilbowrothu says:

    Hard to get the meaning at once, Made me to read twice and so touched to it. Great!!!


  2. Sidharth says:

    Sometimes we tend to leave out/take for granted the things that we think are insignificant for us, but that very same entity can be of high importance for someone knows how to value it in the right way. Thanks Nancy for sharing sure nice quote! Loved the rhyme in the English version ☺️

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    1. Thank you so much. In a way yes, you are right g. But wt if those pieces those leftovers are not things but us. It sure could change your outlook if you think that way.

      M grateful to you for sharing your valuable outlook. Beautiful and unique as always. 😃

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      1. Sidharth says:

        Yes that’s the magic of such literary pieces, people can perceive them in many different ways but the greatness of their essence remained the same. So kudos to you for penning down such multidimensional masterpieces👍

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        1. You praise too much Sid. I don’t write such often but my favorite literary pieces are of such nature i.e. having different perceptions.

          Thank you so much.

          P.S. A very Happy New year in advance to you and your loved one’s.

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          1. Sidharth says:

            Happy new year, may you be blessed with endless happiness in 2018 😊

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            1. A very Happy New Year to you as well. May you and all your loved ones have a loving and propering year ahead filled with laughter, happiness and achievements… 😊

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