Who was at blame?

If I told you
I was in love with you
And I saw right through you
I saw the way you played
And I saw the way you didn’t
Would you believe me?

Would you believe that even after
Knowing the said truths
From you and not you
I fought to trust you

I fought with swords
The battle won with guns Battled less with others
More with the inner I
While holding you , saw the hollow stars
Feared your shine to be taken away
So I shed you what was left of mine
Fears poked me , bled my skin
Yet what you got
Was only nourishing

Pebbles came my way
Told me to stay away
My path was not a merry way
I took some with smiles
Some with broken cries
For I thought it wasn’t your fight
To handle petty issues
Which were mine

You carried on with the rivers
And I waited for a sip ,tattered

But not for long
As my back wasn’t as strong
Voices mocked me
For being right all along
I stay mum
For only I knew , at blame
It wasn’t just you

Link to my Mirakee account below. Pretty new on that platform. Would love it if you check it out once. 🤗



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