It wasn’t your fault , nor mine.

I wish you were enough, Not I,

Because if I was given a chance

I know, I would have given myself and more

To make sure that you don’t

Feel the void left by someone else anymore,

But you weren’t.

It wasn’t your fault or mine.

It was just your choice to not try.

You didn’t feel

I was worth exploration anymore,

And I didn’t feel like being under

My constant scrunity to guess-

What I could have but didn’t have in me?

Why did you stay yet leave?

Usually a thousand reasons

Would pop up into my empty head

Telling me how my weakness, my flatness ,

My deepness, my blackness, my slackness

Basically , the whole of me

Wasn’t worth for anyone living,

Forget loving; but yet

Today I am a little sober.

I had been drunk on the idea of love

For too long,

I thought what I gave is what I would get

In love, in life

Forgetting feelings can’t be forged

And yours were too purely there

Non Existent , so obviously

You can’t be blamed.

So now from your stop

I am moving on, and I

Hope to not see you on the new dawn…


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